Lhassi- Indian Yoghurt Drink

Lhassi- Indian Yoghurt Drink
                This slightly scented drink is known as Lhassi in India, where the recipe originated. It is smooth and mild and particularly refreshing when very cold. You might like to serve it with hot or spicy foods, such as Indian currier. You will need a liquidizer.


Serves 4
Preparation time    :  5 minutes

Low fat plain yoghurt   450ml
Semi skimmed milk        450 ml
Rose water                     8 drops
Ground cardamom       ¾ teaspoons
Cinnamon                        ¾ teaspoons
Caster sugar                     4 ½ teaspoons
Ice cubes                           8
Grated or ground pistachio nuts for garnish
Rose petals for garnish (Optional)

Calories per serving:  130. High in protein from Milk and yoghurt. Low in fat and cholesterol

Place all the ingredients, except the pistachio nuts and rose petals, in a liquidizer;  Add 150 ml of cold water and blend until smooth. Pour the drink into tall glasses. Keep chilled until needed, then sprinkle with the pistachio nuts and petals, if required and serve.


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